The book, entitled Det Nen Trieu Dai (Weaving A Realm), aims to reconstruct the rituals and fashion of Vietnamese in the early Le Dynasty from 1437 to 1471. 

The book is compiled by a team of Vietnamese expatriates all over the world led by Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Dong. 

The book has 224 colourful pages in two parts. 

The 15th-century fashion is recreated based on reputable resources such as Ngan Nam Ao Mu (Thousands of Years of History of Vietnam’s Traditional Costumes) by scholar Tran Quang Duc; artefacts; statues and paintings in temples, pagodas and museums. 

The rituals are recreated based on the records of scholar and historian Phan Huy Chu (1782-1840). 

“The ancient clothing of Vietnamese is descriptively reproduced through both language and images,” said Dong. 

“It is a gift to those who love to explore a part of their national culture and history.”

Recognising the care and the need to learn about ancestor’s clothing culture from the community, Vietnam Centre raised funds in 2018 to make the book. 

Vietnam Centre is a non-profit organisation based in Sydney, Australia. It works to promote Vietnamese culture to the world hoping to introduce Vietnamese heritage and the splendour of its 4,000-year-old civilisation to international friends.

The book is sold to raise funds. The price will be initially discounted to VND200,000 (roughly US$9) compared to the official price of VND250,000.

A collection of a hard cover, signed book; e-book; and one paper doll book including two models and ten sets of historical clothing will cost VND500,000.
The same collection and a full set of early Le Dynasty clothing of noble women shrunken to one sixth the size for action figures or dolls will cost VND2 million. 

Those who are interested can pay VND6 million to own a collection and one set of historical clothing created by a skilled artisan based on the buyer’s body shape and size, made out of traditional Vietnamese silk.

Buyers can call 01688.888.262 for further information.