Travel magazine Travel+Leisure recommends 20 classic summer experiences that everyone should try once in their life. This magazine describes travel in the direction of experience, adventure, mixing with local people as a journey that brings many interesting emotions.

Backpacking in Southeast Asia is one of the suggestions. Bali (Indonesia), Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam are destinations that receive the attention of many tourists.

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Backpacking Vietnam is one of the experiences you should try for your summer trip this year. Photo: Jordan Opel.

When coming here, visitors will have a true adventure with rich experiences such as cooking lessons, temple visits, elephant-friendly tours, …

In particular, Travel + Leisure also praised backpacking in Vietnam with low prices, suitable for those who do not have much budget.

Food, hotel and entertainment prices in Vietnam are much lower than in Western countries. Accordingly, the cost of a day in Vietnam costs less than 20 USD, about 450,000 VND.

In addition to backpacking in Vietnam and some Southeast Asian countries, the travel magazine also suggests experiences to try for summer vacation such as enjoying a sweet life in Italy, living like 007 in Monaco, hiking to Machu Picchu, surfing in Nicaragua, wine tasting in Napa valley, etc.

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