Ho Thi Ky Market in District 10 is not only famous as the city’s main flower hub but is also one of the favorite places for young people to snack.

When the flower shops close, the eateries start opening all the way from Ho Thi Ky Street to Le Hong Phong Street, and one can find all kinds of dishes at "student" prices, such as crab soup, mixed rice paper and family hot pots. Quail egg cakes have recently become the favorites among snack lovers.

The cakes look familiar since they are shaped like the savory mini pancakes, but the difference is they are not made from flour. They are an amalgam of salt, sweet and spices.

The main ingredient is quail eggs while the toppings include sausage, dried shrimp and shredded pork. Instead of baking them in a cup like they do in the southern town of Phan Rang, the vendors here make the dish in a pan normally used to make the mini savory pancakes.

The cooks put a thin layer of butter in the pan and then quail eggs and scallions. Next they add pre-cooked lean pork, sausage and dried shrimp. You can choose the topping you like.