More than 20 booths at the four-day programme are introducing visitors to many signature dishes from ethnic groups in the Central Highlands region, including rice cooked in a bamboo tube, grilled chicken, dried beef, and traditional cakes.

There are also booths displaying brocade products, traditional musical instruments, and agricultural products such as coffee, macadamia, and lingzhi mushrooms.

Visitors to the event in the evening are entertained with beautiful songs, dance, and gong performances by local artists.

The event is being hosted by the provincial Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the gong culture space in the Central Highlands receiving its UNESCO title as an intangible heritage of humanity (2005-2020).

It is also among of a series of activities promoting the tourism potential of Gia Lai province and the Central Highlands in general, including a tourism fair, a street carnival, and flower festivals.