Specialising in selling imported goods from Vietnam, Mr. Ngo Minh Duong, Director of Thanh Binh Jeune Company, said: “Thanh Binh Jeune always tries to serve overseas Vietnamese people despite the complicated developments of COVID-19. Fresh goods such as vegetables, durian, dragon fruit, custard apples and mango from Vietnam are sent to France by plane every week. Goods are transported more slowly by container this year, while prices have increased several times compared to previous years, but we are still trying to serve the Vietnamese community in France to celebrate Tet away from home with traditional Tet items from Vietnam”.

Peach blossoms, apricot flowers and kumquats to welcome the new spring.

Dried candied fruits for Tet.

Chung and Tet cakes also on the shelves.

Fragrant rice.

Fresh fruits come from Vietnam.

Customers choosing peach blossoms to welcome Tet.

Buddha’s hand and dragon fruit are popular items for Tet.

There is no shortage of the “spiritual food” that is Tet newspapers.