Opening the ceremony, delegates offered incense, beat the drum, recalled the resounding victories, and enjoyed an art programme re-enacting the heroic atmosphere of the battles in the past.

It was followed by a procession which carried the statue of Tran Hung Dao, a celebrated Tran Dynasty general, from his temple through major streets in Quang Yen Town to the Yen Giang communal temple.

Bach Dang River has gone down in history with three great victories in Vietnam’s history of national construction and defence.

In 938, Ngo Quyen defeated the Southern Han forces in a battle that ended more than 1,000 years of Chinese rule and regained independence for Vietnam.

In 981, Le Hoan won against the Song army to firmly safeguard Vietnam’s sovereignty and in 1288 Tran Hung Dao beat the powerful Mongols to protect Vietnam from the Mongol conquest.

Bach Dang Festival is held annually to pay tribute to the contributions of the forefathers and affirm the significance of the victories on Bach Dang River.

In addition to the main ritual, the festival also features a wide range of other activities such as a photo exhibition of national treasures, a calligraphy exhibition, folk games and art programmes.

The festival will last until April 20.