The event will run until April 29, 2022, promising to become a healthy and useful playground for team members and children from 8-15 years of age, who are studying at Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, or participating in activities at Children’s Palaces, and centres for youth activities across the country.

Contestants are required to collect stamps, answer relevant questions and compile essays in accordance with the theme.

Entries can be sent to the Vietnam Children Support & Development Centre on the 7th floor, 64 Ba Trieu street, Hanoi.

Details of the contest and questions are published on websites of the Vietnam Post and

The contest is expected to become a practical history lesson, aimed at educating teenagers and children about love and pride for their homeland, and a deeper awareness of the role of the sea, islands and sovereignty of Vietnam.

The contest aims to raise patriotism among children and raise their awareness of the country’s seas, islands and sovereignty.

The organising board hopes that through the contest, the children will become special ambassadors, conveying meaningful messages about the sea and islands as well as the special values of postage stamps to the community, family and friends.