Culinary Exhibition in Hanoi Led by Renowned Austrian Chef

Hanoi diners were recently treated to a rare and luxurious dining experience – a six-course menu crafted by the renowned Chef Stephan Zoisl of Singapore's acclaimed "Chef's Table by Chef Stephan". For the first time ever, Hanoi residents had the incredible opportunity to savor the delectable creations of this award-winning chef.


GU Bistronomy partnered with the WMF brand to successfully host an event celebrating the incredible 170-year journey of Germany’s leading household brand – WMF in Hanoi.

Chef Stephan and his companions prepared for the commemorative party. Photo: GU Bistronomy

The event saw an enthusiastic turnout of numerous guests, food connoisseurs, and enthusiasts of premium household products.

Chef Stephan’s six-course menu presented an unparalleled culinary experience, expertly blending the exquisite flavors of the freshest ingredients with his culinary expertise.

The beautifully presented dishes reflected European culinary finesse while still carrying Chef Stephan’s distinctive personal touch from his renowned Chef’s Table by Stephan Zoisl in Singapore. Accompanied by a meticulously curated selection of premium Italian wines, each dish reached new heights of taste and sophistication.

“The menu launched in Hanoi is completely novel, prepared, and presented entirely by WMF’s high-end kitchens,” he said.

“Finest dishes such as lobster and Wagyu beef are crafted in the French style, but incorporate Vietnamese ingredients such as coconut cream, lemongrass, chili, and ginger to bring the spiciness for which the local palate is renowned,” he added.

Chef Stephan Zoisl’s dish served at the party. Photo: GU Bistronomy

According to Stephan, in the world of fine dining, taste and food quality alone are no longer sufficient. The crucial factor is the “experience”. This factor is influenced by the environment and the table “tools,” such as cutlery and glassware, which enhance the entire fine dining experience.

WMF products have the ability to address this crucial factor, providing a wider range of arrangements that can effectively play this role.

The WMF brand has been setting industry standards with its innovations for over 170 years. It serves as an important source of inspiration within the market. WMF products are renowned for making cooking a pleasure.

From preparing ingredients with kitchen knives boasting precision cutting performance, to cooking with innovative cookware, and dining with stylish cutlery, carafes, and table accessories, WMF products transform every cooking moment into something special.

The table setting of the fine-dining dinner. Photo: GU Bistronomy