The Ho Chi Minh City Culture, Sports, and Tourism Department is planning an exciting celebration with low-altitude pyrotechnic shows at three iconic locations along the Saigon River. The department has requested approval from the municipal administration for this spectacular event.

The shows are scheduled to take place on May 31, with fireworks illuminating the night sky at 9:30 pm, 9:40 pm, and 9:55 pm, respectively, at the Saigon River bank in Thu Duc City, Ba Son Wharf in District 1, and a riverside park near the Landmark 81 skyscraper in Binh Thanh District. Each show will be a 15-minute dazzling display.

Mr. Hoa, an official from the department, shared that the second river festival will be even grander than the first. It will be held at the Saigon Cruise Port, Hiep Phuoc Port, and other tourist hotspots in the city. The festival promises to be a memorable event with a unique blend of art and culture, attracting both local and international visitors.

The High Command of Ho Chi Minh City has also proposed including fireworks displays as part of the festivities, adding to the excitement and creating lasting memories for all who attend.

The inaugural river festival, held in 2023, was a tremendous success, drawing over 51,000 visitors from August 4 to 6. It offered a diverse range of art performances and captivating programs at various locations along the Saigon River and Nhieu Loc – Thi Nghe Canal, including the Saigon Cruise Port and the Bach Dang Wharf Park. The festival created enchanting ‘At the Wharf, on the Boat’ spaces and featured an outdoor art show, ‘Saigon – River Tells Stories,’ that left visitors mesmerized.

This year, the city has already welcomed a significant increase in tourists, with 10.8 million domestic and 1.8 million international visitors in the first four months, contributing to a thriving tourism industry. The river festival is expected to further boost these numbers and fuel the growth of waterway tourism services, showcasing the beauty and allure of Ho Chi Minh City from a unique perspective.

With the festival just around the corner, the excitement is building, and the city is preparing to host an unforgettable celebration that will create lasting memories for all who attend.