A representative from Phu Quoc International Airport reported a surge in tourist arrivals for the five-day holiday, commencing last Saturday. An impressive 36 flights touched down on the island, with a further 39 expected on Wednesday.

The island, under the administration of Kien Giang Province, is a popular tourist destination, and this holiday season has been no exception. Dozens of ferries and speedboats have been mobilized to accommodate the influx of visitors.

Lam Thi Chan, a tourist from Soc Trang Province, soaking up the sun on Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province, in southwestern Vietnam. Image: Chi Cong / Tuoi Tre

Nguyen Minh Tam, director of a tourism service company in An Thoi Ward, confirmed the popularity of Phu Quoc City as a holiday hotspot, with crowds flocking to its shores. The region is particularly attractive to those seeking a seaside escape, offering opportunities for sea bathing, coral reef exploration, and fish feeding.

Vu Van Hau, representing Loi Dinh Phu Quoc Trade, highlighted the appeal of their tours: “We offer unique experiences such as tent sleeping and sailing out to catch and feed fish. These group tours are a hit with tourists.” He assured that the tours are safe and that tourists get to prepare and cook their catch.

One tourist, Lam Thi Chan, from Soc Trang Province, raved about her experience: “Phu Quoc Island is breathtaking this season, with crystal-clear blue waters. I loved swimming, exploring the coral reefs, and feeding the fish. It was a truly satisfying getaway.”

Kien Giang Province, including Phu Quoc, welcomed approximately 68,300 tourists on Tuesday, including 3,990 international visitors, according to the provincial Department of Tourism. The island itself played host to nearly 29,500 of these travelers.

Tourists enjoy the clear waters of Phu Quoc Island. Image: Chi Cong / Tuoi Tre
Fishing excursions on Phu Quoc Island are a thrilling experience. Image: Chi Cong / Tuoi Tre
Tourists are all smiles while camping and engaging in fish-related activities on Phu Quoc Island. Image: Chi Cong / Tuoi Tre
Witnessing the sunset on Phu Quoc Island is a must for visitors. Image: Chi Cong / Tuoi Tre