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Saturday, July 24, 2021
Several Vietnamese movies are honored by international specialists but not at home.
The photo exhibitions aim to showcase the distinctiveness of nature and the beautiful landscapes of Italy and Vietnam.
The three events will entertain locals and expats during the social distancing period.
The music performance will be a stage of unlimited creativity, rich and extremely diverse developments of different musical colors, and composition techniques.
The performance features women who transcend limits to express themselves freely and their creativeness.
The exhibition shows the talent and views of young local artists about life.
The corner, seen as a mini library, will give visitors the typical culture of each V4 country.
A joint online music performance by Vietnamese and German artists will help connect electronic music lovers from all over the world.
Experts show concerns about the role of the Vietnamese film industry and the effective storage and preservation of motion pictures.
Rom was among the four Vietnamese movies screened at the festival. Three others were Bac Kim Thang (Home Sweet Home), Bo Gia (Dad, I'm sorry), and Tiec trang mau (Blood Moon Party).



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