Tourism in Hanoi Experiences 42% Increase in Visitors in the First Half of the Year

The city is aiming to bring in total tourism revenue of VND77 trillion (US$3.26 billion) this year, and they are expecting to welcome approximately 22 million visitors.


Tourist arrivals in Hanoi are expected to reach a staggering 12.33 million in the first six months of this year, marking a significant 42% increase compared to the previous year. This growth in tourism is a testament to the increasing popularity of Hanoi as a top travel destination. With its rich culture, historic landmarks, and vibrant atmosphere, it comes as no surprise that more and more travelers are flocking to this bustling city. Whether it’s exploring the ancient temples, indulging in the local cuisine, or simply taking in the breathtaking scenery, Hanoi offers a truly unforgettable experience for visitors from all corners of the globe.

 Part of Hanoi. Photo: The Hanoi Times

Of the total visitors, international tourists accounted for 2.03 million, a seven-fold increase compared to the same period last year.

The projected total tourism revenue is expected to reach VND44.88 trillion (US$1.9 billion) in 2023, showcasing an impressive year-over-year growth of 74.3%. This surge in revenue highlights the strong and growing tourism industry in the region.

Furthermore, the average occupancy rate of hotel rooms has seen a remarkable increase of 31.1 percentage points, reaching 61.1%. This substantial rise in occupancy rate reflects the high demand for accommodations and signifies the increasing popularity of the destination among tourists.

Overall, the future looks promising for the tourism sector in this region, as it continues to attract more visitors and generate substantial revenue.

The Hanoi Department of Tourism has credited the successful control of Covid-19 and the implementation of various measures to restore the economy, particularly the tourism industry, for the strong recovery of tourism. According to the department, Hanoi has welcomed 10.11 million visitors in the first five months of the year, showcasing the positive impact of these efforts. The city’s Department of Tourism is optimistic about the future of tourism in Hanoi and expects further growth.

These solutions aim to boost tourism by implementing timely initiatives and introducing new tourist attractions. One example is the expansion and promotion of pedestrian streets, including Hoan Kiem Walking Street in Hoan Kiem District, Trinh Cong Son Walking Street in Tay Ho District, Thien Quang Lake and Tran Nhan Tong Walking Streets in Hai Ba Trung District, Walking Street around the Old Quarter in Son Tay Town, and Dao Ngoc Walking Street in Ba Dinh District. These pedestrian streets offer visitors a unique and enjoyable experience, while also showcasing the cultural and historical heritage of the respective districts.

In a bid to promote tourism, Hanoi is currently contemplating the authorization of the Ocean Park pedestrian and night market in the Gia Lam District. Additionally, the Hoan Kiem District is working on a promotion strategy for a Food Tour map, which aims to assist tourists in discovering the rich and varied local cuisine.

With new developments and activities, Hanoi is quickly emerging as a must-visit destination for tourists in the region.

This year, the city is projected to attract approximately 22 million visitors, marking a notable 17.6% increase compared to the previous year. Moreover, the anticipated tourism revenue is estimated to reach VND77 trillion (equivalent to US$3.26 billion), indicating a substantial annual growth rate of 28.2%.