Introduction of Community Tourism Area in Hanoi Herb Kingdom

Herb cultivation and production have been meticulously preserved by the ethnic Dao people in the Ba Vi District.


The Hanoi Tourism Department and Ba Vi District authorities inaugurated the community-based tourism area named Ban Mien (Mien Village).

Inauguration of the community-based tourist village on April 26. Photo: Hoai Nam/The Hanoi Times

The community-based tourist village is situated in Hop Son Hamlet, Ba Vi Commune, Ba Vi District.

Touring the village will offer travelers a chance to experience tranquility, peace, and positivity.

One of the main activities is a bike ride around the village to connect with nature and its vibrancy.

Travelers will also visit herb gardens cultivated by local Dao Quan Chet (Dao ethnic people who wear tight pants) and discover the therapeutic benefits of herbs on both physical and mental health.

They will also learn the process of cultivating herbal plants and producing medicines in the traditional way that has existed for centuries.

Herbal medicines are used in experiential services for tourists such as skincare, health, and food.

Travelers experience traditional dances in the tourist village. Photo: Hoai Nam/The Hanoi Times

During their visit, tourists will enjoy stage shows performed by local artists to recreate ancient rituals, ceremonies, and activities of the local Dao people.

Dang Huong Giang, Director of the Hanoi Department of Tourism, said the community-based tourist village has been widely accepted and supported by the people of Hop Son hamlet.

“We hope that by experimenting with a community-based tourist village, we will be able to better preserve and promote local culture, particularly herbal cultivation and medicine making.

Mien Village, the community-based tourism area, was established through the determination and resilience of local authorities and people, said Do Manh Hung, Chairman of the Ba Vi District People’s Committee.

The local authorities have also established a management board and are formulating rules to operate and develop the community-based tourist village.

A local family making herbal medicines. Photo: Lam Nguyen/The Hanoi Times

“The emergence of the Mien Village tourism area is a significant event that will provide great impetus for sustainable socio-economic development in the area based on local cultures and the spiritual strength of the people,” he said.

It has also provided another option for tourists visiting Hanoi and Ba Vi District. The model is expected to help attract more Vietnamese and foreign travelers to the capital and the district. 

Hop Son Hamlet is situated in the mountainous Ba Vi Commune, Ba Vi District. It takes travelers approximately two hours to get there by car from central Hanoi.

The hamlet is home to the Dao Quan Chet people, a branch of the Dao ethnic group in Vietnam.

The locals are renowned for their herbal production, and the hamlet was recognized as a Traditional Handicraft Village in 2021.