Tourism bounces back as pandemic brought under control

With COVID-19 being largely brought under control, many travel agencies have introduced new and attractive products that meet requirements for safe tourism. The market has shown many signs of recovery as demand among customers rises sharply, especially with major holidays approaching.



With safety the top priority, Mr Huynh Chi Dung from Hanoi decided to book a holiday to Da Nang for his family at the end of March.

According to tourism companies, 70 percent of customers have booked tour packages, while others have selected combo packages that include air tickets and hotels.

Popular destinations include the northwest, Central Highlands, south central and southern regions.

Most tourism companies and hotels are expecting to welcome a large number of tourists during the upcoming Reunification Day (April 30) and Labour Day (May 1) holidays. Tourists, however, are still required to wear face masks, have their temperature checked, and declare their travel history.

In particular, exclusive adventure tours to Quang Binh province’s Son Doong Cave, the largest in the world, have been fully booked for all of the year ahead./.