Taking Vietnamese mooncakes to the world

Mooncakes are among many types of Vietnamese cakes successfully exported to foreign markets. Though volumes remain modest, products with traditional Vietnamese flavours have won over many fastidious customers in Europe, America, Singapore, and elsewhere, proving that prestige and quality increase popularity.



Some 2.5 tons of red dragon fruit are used every day as ingredients in traditional mooncakes. These cakes are also being made for export to the US on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the country and Vietnam. To suit American tastes, American cheese has replaced salted egg in the cakes.

Vietnamese mooncakes have also been exported to Europe, Singapore, and Thailand, among other markets. Exports this year have been quiet due to COVID-19, but producers have still received orders thanks to the novelty and uniqueness of mooncakes and prestigious brand names. Enterprises must also take the initiative, however, in researching and developing products that are suitable for international markets as well as promoting effective logistics solutions.

Mooncake exports are considered to possess potential but companies also recognise there are certain difficulties in terms of market standards and barriers. Exports used to be primarily for the Vietnamese community around the world, who miss a taste of home, while a few customers simply prefer traditional Asian flavours.

 Though still modest, the successful export of mooncakes shows the ability of Vietnamese food companies to fully meet strict standards around the world. This will be a driving force for these companies to expand their business and send more unique and traditional products out to win over international customers./.