Local people amazed as Da Nang bridge raises spans

When Typhoon Noul recently swept through Da Nang, many local people were surprised to see a bridge in the city lift its spans in certain sections to allow boats to pass by and anchor at the port in the Han River to avoid heavy seas and high winds. Local people were amazed at the sight, as even those who have lived here for a long time were unaware the bridge was capable of such feats.


When Typhoon Noul made landfall, the operators of Nguyen Van Troi Bridge that connects Hai Chau and Son Tra districts decided to raise some of its spans so that boats, most of which were tourist boats, could venture further along the Han River to safety.

Many people headed to the riverbank nearby to watch the 55-year-old bridge open up and allow boats to pass underneath. 

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge was built during the war in 1965 to connect the west and east of Da Nang city.

Prior to the Han River swing bridge, which opened to traffic in 2000, Nguyen Van Troi was the only bridge crossing the river. 

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge is a “witness to history” and a particularly familiar image associated with many generations of Da Nang residents.

It is also a tourist destination, where visitors can see the city along the Han River, and contributes to boosting the city’s tourism sector./.