Ta Oi women keep traditional brocade weaving alive

Zeng weaving (a kind of brocade) is a standout craft of Ta Oi ethnic minority community in A Luoi mountainous district, the central province of Thua Thien-Hue province. The craft has been preserved through many generations with women playing a significant role in teaching their daughters to weave “Zeng” patterns.


Ho Thi Huong, 86 years old, has had some 80 years of experience in traditional Zeng weaving. With the simple bamboo loom, she doesn’t remember how many brocade items she has made from colored threads and beads.

“Zeng” textile is indispensible in important events, creating a unique feature of Ta Oi people in particular and the ethnic community in A Luoi in general.
With deft manipulation, Ta Oi women weave brocade items to make daily dresses for themselves and their families.  

The Zeng weaving has grown rapidly at most of the Ta Oi ethnic households in A Luoi, especially since this traditional profession was recognised as the National Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2016. With the work, Ta Oi women can also earn an income of several million dong per month.

Zeng weaving has been granted collective mark and is oriented to become a typical tourist product of the mountainous district of A Luoi.

The sound of Zeng looms is still echoing, bringing the joys of Ta Oi women about the future of their traditional heritage./.