Medical staff: Fearless soldiers in fight against Covid-19

Directly contacting with nCoV patients, physicians and nurses at Emergency Department of the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases are under pressure from not only the disease but also their surrounding people.


The National Hospital of Tropical Diseases has received and conducted treatment for 4 nCoV-positive cases. Given the situation, doctors here always have to put on protective gear to avoid being contaminated.

They have to take turn standing by at the hospital to ensure the continual treatment of patients.

Still, they exert their best efforts to cure patients, contributing to the fight against the novel coronavirus.

Not only are they under pressure of the work, they are sometimes isolated by their own friends and neighbours due to the latter’s fear of the disease.

Vietnam has so far confirmed 15 cases of Covid-19 infections, including 10 in Vinh Phuc province. Six patients have been successfully cured and were discharged from hospital. That brings the brave medical staff joy and gives them more strength and courage to continue fighting the disease./.