Residents plant moss roses along rural roads to tackle littering

Many roads in the outlying district of Binh Chanh district in Ho Chi Minh City are now blanketed by moss roses and attracting crowds of visitors. The sight is the result of a joint effort by local authorities and residents to tackle littering.



When the flowers began to bloom there were many who stopped to take a photo in the flower garden and even asked for seedlings.

These are among many rural roads in the two communes of Quy Duc and Da Phuoc that were once blighted by rubbish.

Since the flowers bloomed and created a beautiful scene along the rural roads, however, there has been at lot less littering.

Thu Huong, a local farmer, grows moss roses around her rice field, near her house, to create beautiful scenery and prevent passers-by from dumping garbage in the area.

Flowers are also blooming along other roads in Binh Chanh district. Many people from neighbouring areas have come to take photos of the flowery thoroughfares. Local people are now more aware about keeping the environment clean.

Local officials said the efforts really have changed the landscape in the commune and sharply cut the amount of littering, which causes environmental pollution and gives local authorities headaches. The effectiveness of the efforts marks a change in awareness about environmental protection among local people./.