Da Nang in the ‘new normal’

After controlling the second wave of COVID-19 to strike Vietnam, Da Nang city has been gradually loosening social distancing measures imposed earlier to curb its spread. Local people have adapted well to the “new normal”.



Da Nang city has now returned to some semblance of normality after being hit by the second wave of COVID-19 in Vietnam. Most local people, however, continue to wear a face mask when out in public.

Like many other people, Theo has returned to her family’s long-time business of selling traditional noodles at home but still pays due regard to prevention and control measures.

Local people have now started to shop freely, without needing “access tickets” like during the last two months. Pandemic prevention measures are being strictly followed, however, and gatherings remain limited.

Except for bars, karaoke parlours, and discos, which are still closed, other activities have been allowed to operate as normal. The people of Da Nang are ready for the revival of the coastal city post-COVID-19./.