Lovers of vintage cassette players

Many people go crazy for cutting-edge audio-visual equipment and always stay abreast of the latest trends, while there are others who remain loyal to the old days.



In a spacious two-storey house in Hanoi belonging to ghetto blaster enthusiast Nguyễn Xuan Thuy, it’s hard to find a place to sit because every room is taken up by his favourite devices.

The story goes back three years, when, feeling nostalgic, he decided to buy a cassette player similar to the one his parents bought long ago after saving up for a whole year.

The more he got to know about cassette players, the more interested he became. He has travelled to Cambodia, Japan, and even Europe to hunt down his favourite players and he also stays up all night bidding on eBay auctions.

His collection now amounts to about 1,000 cassette players, with the oldest made in 1960.

In July 2018, Thuy founded the Radio and Cassette Players Collection Club, which now has more than 3,000 members sharing their love of antique radios and cassette players.

There are other clubs for fans of old cassette player around Vietnam besides Thuy’s club.

According to club members, collecting antique radios and cassette players is developing in Vietnam and will become a leading hobby in the future./.