Da Nang promoting roof-top solar power development

The Da Nang Power Company has paid more than 300,000 USD to purchase roof-top solar power from households and businesses in the city. Thanks to support policies and the economic efficiency of rooftop solar, many households in the city have become involved in the market.



In order to encourage people to install rooftop solar power systems, the Da Nang Power Company has introduced a range of support policies, such as free installation of two-way meters and simple buying and selling procedures.

Since the beginning of this year there have been 410 new rooftop solar installations in the city, bringing the total to 1,399 with total installed capacity of more than 12,000 kWp (kilowatt pit).

Rooftop solar power not only brings economic benefits to local people and investors, it also addresses future power shortages.

The cost of installing roof-top solar power is getting cheaper all the time, with equipment boasting greater durability and productivity. People can reclaim their initial investment after about five years. The Da Nang Power Company is also upgrading software and applications so that people can control the amount of solar power generated daily, so they can calculate the expected volume that will be sold./.