Lang Son promotes community-based tourism

Blessed by nature with beautiful scenery and products, many localities in Lang Son province have taken advantage of these attributes to build a community-based tourism model.



Mong An commune in Binh Gia district is mainly home to the Tay ethnic group. The area retains many cultural traits imbued with national identity and beautiful natural landscapes. In early 2019, five households in the commune were selected to participate in community-based tourism development.

It is the third locality to pilot the model in the province.

Mong An commune has been received 200 million VND from the state to develop community-based tourism. Thanks to the funding, participating households have been trained in basic skills.

The development of community tourism has helped exploit attractive new tourism products. In 2019, Mong An welcomed about 2,000 domestic and foreign tourists, and local incomes have improved thanks to various types of services.

Although Mong An is a latecomer in Lang Son province when it comes to community tourism, it has the potential to inherit and improve the model./.