Influential Vietnamese woman honoured by BBC

A Vietnamese architect has been named among the most influential women in the world by the BBC. Chu Kim Duc joined the list of the top 100 women of the year for her efforts to build playgrounds for children all around Vietnam.



Most materials for this playground had been thrown away, such as tyres, timber, steel, and plastic and wooden furniture. Thanks to the work of Think Playgrounds, they have been turned into slides, zip lines, jungle gyms, seesaws, and other equipment for kids to play on.

As director of Think Playgrounds, Kim Duc has worked with partners and communities around the country to build over 180 public playgrounds from recycled materials.

Forty-year-old Kim Duc has been on a mission since 2014 to promote children’s right to play, co-founding Think Playgrounds, a social enterprise that seeks to find “simple, effective and creative solutions” to building playgrounds, especially in inner city areas./.