Teachers like second parents of ethnic minority kids in remote areas

Despite the hardship of living in the remote reaches of Lai Chau province in Vietnam’s northwestern mountains, teachers always attempt to create a family-like atmosphere for students so they can be fully focused on their studies.



The Thu Lum Semi-boarding Primary School in Thu Lum commune is among the most remote and difficult schools in Lai Chau province’s Muong Te district. The students are mostly from the Ha Nhi ethnic minority group. Due to the rugged local terrain and substantial distance from their home to school, many board here from Monday to Friday. The teachers must therefore take care of their students’ daily routines, as if they were their parents.

A native of northern Thai Nguyen province, Nguyen Thi Van has taught at Thu Lum for 12 years. It feels like her home now and the students are like her children.

Being close to each other all the time creates a strong bond between the teachers and the students at Thu Lum. Now that it feels like a big family, the kids are willing to attend school./.