First day after social distancing lifted in Hai Duong

Strict social distancing measures were lifted in the northern province of Hai Duong, Vietnam’s latest COVID-19 hotspot, on midnight on March 3. Local people have begun to resume normal life while still following strict prevention regulations.


Kim Dinh commune, which includes 3 villages with 7,514 people, remains in lockdown. On the first day after social distancing was lifted in the province, local people were still required to follow existing regulations.

Though social distancing has ended in Hai Duong province, Kim Thanh district is one of four localities to still comply with Directive No 15 from the Prime Minister. On March 3, the district intensified its prevention and control efforts, handling violations and taking tests in high-risk communes to prevent community transmission.

Thanh Ha district is among the low-risk districts in Hai Duong. Overjoyed after social distancing ended, local people remain vigilant against the pandemic.

With one commune still implementing Directive No 15, non-essential service and business activities remain suspended in the whole district. Restaurants and eateries are only serving take-away customers.

In Hai Duong city, the number of people going out on to the street has increased compared to the day before. After half a month of social distancing, the rhythm of daily life has yet to return, but local people are seeing some level of normality while remaining vigilant against the pandemic./.