Highlights of the 30-min show include:

Sustainable fashion

Vu Thao is the founder and head designer of Kilomet109 — a sustainable fashion house in Hanoi. Thao often visits ethnic minorities across Vietnam and draws inspiration, techniques and materials to incorporate into her creations, combining Vietnam’s style, history and heritage with contemporary design.

The future of electric

VinFast is the automotive arm of the Hanoi-based Vingroup — one of Vietnam’s largest corporations. Last year, VinFast launched its first electric scooter, Klara — with hopes to find a more environmental alternative for the roads and giving the iconic motorbike a greener spin.

Bkav and “Made in Vietnam”

Software developer Bkav is Vietnam’s leading smartphone company, using 20 million dollars and around six years to develop the very first Bphone in 2015. Bkav is now expanding its horizons with over 300 stores across the country and entering the Myanmar market earlier this year.

Sustainable, agricultural architecture

Farming Architects is incorporating the traditional Vietnamese industry of agriculture into urban living, creating a more sustainable environment for the future. Embedding elements of aquaponics in their urban projects, founder An Viet Dung believes architecture is about more than just design, it’s a way of living.

Hanoi’s first recognized social enterprise

“Know One, Teach One” is the name and motto of Hanoi’s first recognized social enterprise, KOTO. It runs restaurants and a training school where underprivileged youth go through a two-year vocational program to learn skills necessary for careers in hospitality.

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Airtimes for 30-minute special:
  • Saturday, 2nd November at 2030 HKT and 2330 HKT
  • Sunday, 3rd November at 0430 HKT and 1030 HKT
  • Monday, 4th November at 1130 HKT and 1630 HKT
  • Wednesday, 6th November at 0130 HKT
Source: CNN International