Air-conditioned COVID-19 testing chamber put into use

A mobile air-conditioned COVID-19 testing chamber has been put into use in pandemic hotspot Bac Giang province, helping medical workers deal with the impact of hot summer weather. The chamber was built in Hanoi by Nam Viet Design, PAM Air, and Signify over the course of four days.



The chamber, 2.4 metres in length, 1.2 metres in width, and 2.65 metres in height, can house four medical staff at the same time and is also equipped with an air purifier and disinfection system.

Unlike previous days, when medical staff in Bac Giang had to race against time to take samples for testing in extremely hot weather conditions while wearing tight medical clothing, nurse Chu Thi Thanh and her colleagues feel that collecting samples is now much easier as they work in a cool space. 

The chamber weighs around 270 kg and has six wheels to make it more mobile.

Communication from the inside to the outside of the chamber and vice-versa is done through a walkie-talkie and a system controlled by smartphones. The developers of the chamber are now waiting for feedback from medical staff to make any improvements. It is hoped that more mobile chambers like this will be developed to support frontline workers in Bac Giang./.