In-depth analyses of the Vietnamese eSports ecosystem have been introduced to the public, providing game publishers, marketers, and eSports enthusiasts with a thorough look into Vietnam’s newest digital entertainment industry.

Vietnam has a great opportunity to develop the eSports industry in the future. Photo:

This is a key part of the Vietnam eSports Guidebook 2021, which was officially released by the Vietnam Recreational and Electronic Sports Association (VIRESA) on June 10.

The Guidebook 2021 is also an eSports directory, offering the most completed list of players in the Vietnam eSports ecosystem.

The opportunities and predictions of the future of the Vietnamese eSports are also presented with analyses from experts in this guidebook

The Guidebook 2021 also contains articles on eSports development along with digital transformation, eSports economy, 5G and the future of eSports, the roadmap to SEA Games 31 of Vietnam’s eSports, and eSports movement among the student community.

“With its rich information, Vietnam eSports Guidebook 2021 would be a guideline for investors and businesses to have a better understanding about the Vietnamese eSports industry, enabling them to foster the digital games industry in the future,” said Chairman of VIRESA Nguyen Xuan Cuong.

Before 2020, the world eSports market thrived with an annual growth rate of 10-15%. The revenue of the whole market exceeded over US$1 trillion in 2019. However, due to the impact of Covid-19, industry revenue is projected to contract in 2021.

In Vietnam, the number of eSports players kept increasing with nearly 18 million in 2020. The country has named esports as one of 40 disciplines of the SEA Games 31, scheduled to be held from November 21 to December 2 in Hanoi.

According to experts from Appota Corporation, the publisher of Vietnam eSports Guidebook 2021, as a vibrant country that ranked only behind Singapore in terms of market dynamics in the Southeast Asia region, Vietnam will certainly present great opportunities for the development of eSports in digital entertainment in the future.