Agricultural projects creating stable employment in Cambodia

Vietnamese agricultural projects in Cambodia have continued to serve as a driving force for local economies over the last five months and created stable jobs for Cambodians of Vietnamese origin living near Tonle Sap.



Established in August 2018 under a collaborative effort between the Thaco Group and the Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group, the THADI company has rolled out many projects in the agricultural sector in Vietnam’s neighbour. It has been conducting projects planting fruit trees in the two provinces of Kratie, on about 10,000 ha, and Rattanakiri, on about 26,000 ha. More than 500 Vietnamese-Cambodian workers and thousands of Cambodians in surrounding areas have been hired in its agricultural projects.

THADI’s agricultural production was maintained throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and workers are paid a monthly salary of around 250-350 USD.

During a working trip to the company’s agricultural projects, Vietnamese Ambassador to Cambodia Vu Quang Minh said agricultural projects could help improve the lives of Vietnamese-Cambodians subject to the relocation plans of the Cambodian Government.

 THADI currently has more than 13,000 employees, including 1,000 experts and consultants from the Philippines, China, and Thailand.

It plans to recruit over 8,000 workers this year to launch its sustainable agriculture strategy in Cambodia./.