Flower festival embellishes Da Lat

Tens of thousands of local and foreign visitors have flocked to Da Lat to enjoy the splendid beauty of the sunny and windy central highlands city full of colorful flowers during the 8th flower festival.

The Da Lat Flower Festival is a cultural and tourism event which is held in Da Lat, Lam Dong province every two years. The festival has become a unique brand of Da Lat, known as the city of flowers. Themed “Da Lat and Flowers”, this year’s festival featured activities honoring the value of flowers and the industry, one of the exclusive advantages of Lam Dong province.

Open on December 20, the five-day festival created large flower art spaces across the city for visitors to enjoy. These spaces were decorated with over 250,000 fresh flowerpots, 6,000 artworks of flowers, bonsais and miniature rock-gardens, and 2,500 pieces of art about orchids of all types, according to the festival organizing board.

The opening ceremony of Da Lat Flower Festival 2019. Photo: Thanh Giang / VNP

A decorative crane-shaped flower arrangement in Da Lat’s center. Photo: Thanh Giang / VNP

A flower garden themed “Valley of Love”. Photo: Thanh Giang / VNP

Walking on a flowery road. Photo: Thanh Giang / VNP

The biennial festival attracts visitors from all parts of the country. Photo: Thanh Giang / VNP

Colorful flowers by Xuan Huong lake. Photo: Thanh Giang / VNP

Posing at a fountain in Da Lat’s center. Photo: Thanh Giang / VNP

Exploring Da Lat on a horse-drawn carriage. Photo: Thanh Giang / VNP

Da Lat’s leading flower grower, Dalat Hasfarm, has launched flower art performances during the event. Photo: Thanh Giang / VNP

Taking care of flower arrangements downtown. Photo: Thanh Giang / VNP

Vietnam’s biggest wedding dress made from fresh flowers
by F Flower Field Tourist Complex in Da Lat. Photo: Thanh Giang / VNP

A romantic flower setting. Photo: Thanh Giang / VNP

Flower garden. Photo: Thanh Giang / VNP

Over 250,000 fresh flowerpots are used for the event. Photo: Thanh Giang / VNP

Colorful flower windows. Photo: Thanh Hoa / VNP

The festival brings a fresh beauty to the city. Photo: Thanh Hoa / VNP

A flower farm on Mimosa pass in Da Lat. Photo: Thanh Hoa / VNP

Flower-decorated tractors roll along the streets. Photo: Thanh Hoa / VNP

Da Lat is a major flower exporter in Southeast Asia. Photo: Thanh Hoa / VNP

During the festival, famous traditional flower villages, including Van Thanh, Thai Phien and Ha Dong, were open for visitors to see gorgeous flower fields.

Major flower producers in the city, such as Da Lat Hasfarm and Da Lat Forest Flower Company, launched special flower art performances at the event to promote the industry.

Visitors to the festival were stunned by the amazing beauty of the gardens and fields of flowers showing off their striking colors and fragrance in the sunshine and cool weather of Da Lat’s end of winter. Fresh flowers were everywhere, from homes to streets, on balconies and windows, around romantic Xuan Huong lake and Da Lat downtown. Flowers created an atmosphere of love and romance for the city.

Flowers have not only created a unique beauty for Da Lat but have also made it a charming tourist destination and a major flower exporter in Southeast Asia.

By Thanh Hoa & Tran Thanh Giang