Vietnamese Short Film Selected for Participation in American Film Festival

Nguyen Luong Hang's Vietnamese film "Supermarket Affairs" is among the four films from Southeast Asia selected to be contested at the Palm Springs International ShortFest, the United States' largest short film festival.


The film, titled “The film”, explores the conflicts between a middle-aged Vietnamese immigrant woman and her Americanized adult daughter. These conflicts arise as they each have different ideas on how to honor the woman’s late husband on his second death anniversary.

Photo: Nguyen Luong Hang
Photo: Nguyen Luong Hang

The comedic and lusty narrative work previously joined the Spokane International Film Fest, Osaka Asian Film Festival, Seattle Asian American Film Festival, and CAAMFest.

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The highly anticipated 2023 Palm Springs film festival is set to take place from June 20th to June 26th. Organizers have carefully curated a lineup of 299 candidates from a staggering pool of over 6,000 submissions originating from 129 countries across the globe. This prestigious event promises to showcase the best of international cinema and provide a platform for talented filmmakers from diverse backgrounds.

The festival will be giving away a total of 25,000 USD in awards and cash prizes, with five of the awards being Academy Award-qualifying. The winners will be announced on June 25. Additionally, the Best of the Fest shorts will be shown on the last day of the festival, which is June 26.

Photo: Nguyen Luong Hang
Photo: Nguyen Luong Hang

Mrs Hoa is an elderly Vietnamese woman who has recently moved to Houston to live with her daughter. She is facing numerous challenges, the first of which is language barrier. Ha, her daughter, is busy with her own life and doesn’t prioritize Mrs Hoa’s needs. Despite this, Mrs Hoa finds comfort in a chance encounter with a young Asian-American man, and begins to dream of a romance in the supermarket. However, when she returns to the store, the situation takes an unexpected turn.

Nguyen Luong Hang creatively uses a fable-like approach to bring attention to the complex issues surrounding relationships in the movie. A major theme in the film is the language barrier, which serves as a central challenge for the characters. Additionally, the movie effectively portrays the generational gap and the cultural differences between the daughter and her boyfriend, John. These themes are skillfully depicted, allowing viewers to grasp the impact of these obstacles on the characters’ lives. The film also cleverly incorporates the appearance of the young man, emphasizing that Hoa, the main character, may be old but still has a zest for life. Ultimately, the movie’s underlying message is that life moves forward despite the challenges we face, as beautifully conveyed in this thought-provoking 15-minute short film. The review from Asian Movie Pulse provides valuable insight into the film’s message and its impact on viewers. Overall, Nguyen Luong Hang successfully addresses the complexities of relationships in a compelling and meaningful way.

Photo: Nguyen Luong Hang
Photo: Nguyen Luong Hang

One of the standout features of this html content is how Nguyen incorporates color to reflect Mrs. Hoa’s perspective. The scenes set in the supermarket are visually dynamic, resembling a circus rather than a typical grocery store. This creates a humorous and engaging atmosphere, culminating in a music video-like scene. In contrast, the scenes set in the house and the return to the store employ a more restrained color palette. However, the short film ends with a burst of intense brightness, delivering a powerful and symbolic conclusion.

Charlotte Pho