Time Out: Vietnam Ranks Among World’s Safest Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Vietnam is widely recognized as a secure destination for women traveling alone, boasting low crime rates and a warm and welcoming local culture.


Time Out magazine has recently listed Vietnam as one of the world’s nine safest destinations for solo female travelers, based on an article published by the editor on March 19th, 2024.

“When considering the safest destinations for women backpacking in Southeast Asia, Thailand and Vietnam are still vying for the top spot – but Vietnam is a great place to start,” the magazine wrote.

Vietnam’s political stability and low crime rates make it an attractive destination for visitors. Visitors can enjoy a tour that spans from the capital city of Hanoi in the north to Ho Chi Minh City in the south, taking in the best of Vietnam’s natural beauty, including mountains, beaches, and islands. The Time Out editors strongly recommend that tourists take the time to visit the historic cities of Hoi An and Hue, which are known for their distinctive traditional cuisine.

“I realized that I had nothing to fear about traveling in Vietnam as a solo traveler or as an American. My experience there was nothing but positive, and it’s a country that I continually dream of returning to,” said Amanda Williams, a travel blogger who has visited over 50 countries, sharing her experience on Intrepid Travel.

Photo: Avinash Gatreddi/Shutterstock.com.

Alongside Vietnam, the list also included eight other destinations.

1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a small island shaped like a teardrop, is an ideal starting point for female travelers looking to explore South Asia. The locals are known for their warm hospitality and are always willing to assist, and travelers often encounter other female tourists during their travels. Lonely Planet named Sri Lanka the top country to visit in 2019.

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2. Portugal

With a growing population of digital nomads relocating there, Portugal has become renowned as an ideal solo travel destination. Compared to other European countries, it boasts a lower crime rate and the locals are known for their welcoming nature and helpfulness. Additionally, it offers convenient travel options via car, train, and bus.

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3. Czechia

For those new to solo travel, Prague, the capital of Czechia, is an excellent choice. With walking and cycling tours easily accessible, visitors can socialize and explore the city with ease. The city is well-lit and remains lively until late at night, making it safe to walk alone. The public transportation system is reliable and efficient, and operates 24/7 within the city.

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4. Japan

Japan is recognized as one of the safest destinations in the world, not only for solo travelers but for all visitors, thanks to its respectful culture, etiquette, and traditions. Japan offers amenities such as female-only train carriages and women’s hotels to ensure the safety of female travelers. With convenient and rapid transportation options like the bullet train, visitors can easily explore multiple destinations during their trip.

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5. Guatemala

Central America is gradually attracting more independent travelers, and Guatemala has become increasingly popular with solo female travelers due to the proliferation of hostels and tour routes, excellent infrastructure, and affordable dining and activities. Guatemala is a popular destination for backpackers and tourists, and is often included as a stop on a larger itinerary that includes neighboring countries like Belize and El Salvador, making it easy to connect with other travelers.

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6. Australia

The East Coast of Australia is a must-visit for independent female travelers, with its breathtaking tourist route and straightforward visa process making it a safe and convenient choice, especially for first-time travelers. The country has strict law enforcement and the locals are known for their friendly attitude toward tourists.

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7. Greece

Greece is generally considered safe for solo female travelers. Solo female travelers can rest assured that Greece is a safe destination, particularly the Greek islands, where they can confidently explore on their own. The welcoming nature of the Greek people often leads to positive experiences for solo female travelers.

Photo: Avinash Gatreddi/Shutterstock.com.

8. New Zealand

New Zealand ranks among the safest countries for solo female travel. It is renowned for its friendly locals, low crime rates, and thriving tourism industry. Visitors can feel secure exploring both urban and rural areas, with a wide range of hostels and accommodation options available for solo travelers.