Na Hang lake: A great area to get out of the city at the weekend

NDO – Taking a boat trip on Na Hang lake in Tuyen Quang province amid the cool breeze in late autumn is a sound choice to get out of the city at the weekend, allowing visitors to forget their busy schedules at work and refuel their positive energy for the coming week.


Na Hang lake is located in the centre of Na Hang District, more than 100 kilometres from Tuyen Quang city to the north. With more than 8,000 hectares of water surface, the lake is surrounded by poetic and majestic landscapes, making it an attractive tourist attraction for visitors from both home and abroad.

Taking a boat trip on the lake at any time of the day, from early dawn to sun set, visitors can breathe in the pure atmosphere and admire the pristine and mysterious beauty.

Blue sky and hundreds of surrounding mountains cast their reflections on the smooth water surface of the lake, creating a picturesque and tranquil panorama which can leave a strong impression on first-time visitors.

In early morning, the lake is shrouded in a thick blanket of fog, the clouds seem to linger on one side of the mountains, while a flock of white storks hover in the sky, making the landscape look more surreal like the setting of a movie.

When the sun comes out, the scene appears more clearly, with the crystal clear blue sky and mirror-like water surface.

Na Hang Lake is the confluence of Gam and Nang rivers. The meeting venue of the two rivers is Pac Ta mountain, the highest mountain in the district. At the foot of the mountain stands Pac Ta temple, which worships a concubine of General Tran Nhat Duat from the 13th century.

Following Gam river upstream visitors can drop by Pac Vang temple.

Travellers who love adventurous experiences can take a trek to Mo, Cay Dai and Cay Sung waterfalls, which are located inside the Na Hang Natural Reserve. Lying amid a remote jungle along the banks of Gam and Nang rivers, the reserve is renowned for its magnificent caves and a diverse ecosystem with many endangered flora and fauna species.

One of the most spectacular waterfalls in the area is Khuoi Nhi, which is akin to white silk across the cliff as it is seen from afar.

There are also many other fascinating spots to visit including Khuay Sung and Khuay Me waterfalls, Phia Vai cave, and Xa Ta mountain.

Chan, a local rower said that it might take visitors three or four days to finish a full tour of Na Hang lake, or they can spend at least four hours to tour the highlighted attractions around the lake.

Pac Ta mountain, the highest mountain in Na Hang district (Photo:

Khuoi Nhi waterfall is akin to white silk across the cliff as it is seen from afar.

Visitors kayaking on Na Hang lake