The Geneva Accords: A Polish Perspective

The discussion was held in an atmosphere of openness and camaraderie, fostering a deeper understanding and affinity between Polish friends and Vietnam.


On May 6, the Vietnamese Embassy in Poland hosted a seminar titled “Imprints of the Geneva Accords and Vietnam in the Memory of Polish Friends.” The event commemorated the role of Poland and its citizens in promoting peace in Vietnam and Indochina.

Among the distinguished guests were Franciszek Zwierzynski, a member of the Polish delegation to the International Committee monitoring the armistice in Vietnam from 1954 to 1955; Colonel Waldemar Wojtan, Vice President of the Association of Polish Soldiers who participated in United Nations peacekeeping; Professor Tadeusz Iwinski, the upcoming Chairman of the Poland-Vietnam Friendship Association; and Dr. Jarema Slowiak from the Institute of Historical Research at Krakow University.

The seminar also saw the participation of representatives from various Vietnamese associations, the Veterans Club, and all officers and employees of the Vietnamese Embassy in Poland.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Poland, Ha Hoang Hai, addresses the audience. Photo: TG&VN

Ambassador Ha Hoang Hai expressed his gratitude to Poland for its role in supervising the implementation of the Geneva Accords in Vietnam. He highlighted how Poland’s contribution as a messenger promoted peace in the region, including in Vietnam.

The ambassador also emphasized the Vietnamese people’s determination to expel foreign invaders and their contributions to peacekeeping efforts, as exemplified by Poland’s involvement in the Geneva Accords. This, he said, demonstrated Vietnam’s desire for peace and independence, which remains relevant in today’s complex international context.

During the seminar, the Polish guests shared their thoughts, impressions, and experiences related to the Geneva Accords and Vietnam. They also engaged in a lively question-and-answer session with the attendees.

The speakers share their personal experiences and impressions of Vietnam. Photo: TG&VN

Franciszek Zwierzynski spoke fondly of his time in Vietnam, expressing his admiration for the country and its people. He shared how his positive experiences inspired him to write a book titled ‘My Vietnam’ upon his return to Poland. Mr. Zwierzynski also conveyed his joy at Vietnam’s socio-economic development and extended his best wishes to the country and its people.

Colonel Waldemar Wojtan provided insights into the activities of the Association of Polish Soldiers who participated in UN peacekeeping missions. He highlighted Poland’s pride in having served on the Armistice Monitoring Committee in Vietnam on both occasions.

Professor Tadeusz Iwinski commended the resilient will and indomitable spirit of the Vietnamese people. He pledged to continue contributing to the promotion of bilateral relations between Poland and Vietnam in his future role as Chairman of the Poland-Vietnam Friendship Association.

Dr. Jarema Slowiak presented some scientific research and historical milestones related to the Geneva Accords. He affirmed Poland’s support for and contributions to the peace process in Indochina and Vietnam, emphasizing the country’s sincere commitment to the region’s stability.

Hannah Nguyen