The plan aims to preserve, restore and promote the value of the site, and honour the life and career of President Ho Chi Minh. It covers 278.86 hectares, comprising of Sen Village, Hoang TruVillage, Chung Mountain relic site, the tomb of Hoang Thi Loan (President Ho Chi Minh’s mother), surrounding agricultural land areas around Chung Mountain site and Lien Minh Village of Kim Lien Commune.

The implementation period of the master plan starts from 2021 to 2030. The capital source for the implementation shall be from the state budget and mobilize legal capital sources according to the provisions of law.

Chairman of the Nghe An provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Trung affirmed the announcement of the Prime Minister’s decision on approving the master plan for conservation, renovation and promotion of the value of National Special National Relic Site Commemorating President Ho Chi Minh in Kim Lien Village is of very important significance to the province.

The purpose of the plan is building synchronously, creating the connection between Lang Sen relic cluster, Hoang Tru relic cluster, Hoang Thi Loan tomb area, Chung Son temple and tourist service areas in the complex.

Along with promoting the value of the monument, the plan is also associated with the development of tourism forms, tourism products based on the potential of available natural resources and culture of the area.