Ba Vi is considered the “ancestral mountain” of Vietnamese people. Therefore, Ba Vi Mountain has become a destination for spiritual tourism of the capital city for a long time. However, there are many other tourism products that have not been popular.

Majestic mountains and clear blue streams form many unique natural landscapes in Ba Vi, leading to the formation of many tourist areas such as Ao Vua, Khoang Xanh – Suoi Tien, and Thien Son – Suoi Nga.

Tourists can enjoy the natural landscape while cooling off in the blue streams, swimming pools and natural mineral pools and joining many water games. There are more services as well as unique and delicious dishes. Ba Vi District aims to provide more healthcare products this year, including herbal medicine bath services and traditional medicine treatment and healthcare at the Ao Vua tourist area.

With the advantages of nature, Ba Vi has been promoting agricultural tourism. The locality has now many major agricultural tourism areas such as Bavi Homestead, Green Farm Joint Stock Cooperative, Ba Vi Cow and Grassland Research Centre in Van Hoa Commune, and Gia Trinh Ecofarm and Happy Farm in Yen Bai Commune.

Coming here, tourists can visit long-standing agricultural production villages, enjoy fresh natural specialties and directly join agricultural tourism activities imbued with cultural features of Vietnamese countryside such as planting rice, catching fish crabs and snails with bamboo tools, growing and picking wild and herbal vegetables, making honey, picking tea, and feeding ostriches, goats, rabbits and cows.

Visitors are eager to catch fish at Gia Trinh Ecofar. (Photo: NDO)

The local authorities will focus on promoting activities to experience the culture of Muong and Dao ethnic minority groups, including the festival honouring the rural market of Muong and Dao ethnic groups in Ba Vi, the custom of water carrying of Muong village patriarchs, culinary festivals, the Muong gong festival, and the introduction of the ancient calendar of Muong people. The activities are expected to be conducted starting from April and the rural markets will be held every weekend.

From Mid-April, Ba Vi District will expand many tourism products. The “new rice celebration” festival will be reproduced on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month and the tenth day of the tenth lunar month at the Ban Coc tourist area in Minh Quang Commune. The festival will feature agricultural product processing activities and a rice cooking contest to celebrate the new rice season.

In addition, the cultural and culinary products of Muong ethnic minority group and the experiences of growing vegetables and processing traditional agricultural products will be promoted at the tourist attractions in the communes of Minh Quang, Ba Vi, Van Hoa and Yen Bai.

In recent years, the activities of experiencing hot air balloons and ‘da quy’ (wild sunflower) have become a trademark of Ba Vi National Park. In 2022, Ba Vi National Park will continue to organise the “Hot Balloon Festival” in association with the events promoting ‘da quy’, including the wild sunflower road, tent and carnival, in the sea of the wild sunflowers (every November).

To attract domestic and international tourists, Ba Vi Tourism Festival will be held on April 16 at the Ao Vu tourist area. At the opening ceremony, Ba Vi District will officially introduce new tourism products, commencing the “tourist season” in 2022.