Cua Lo Beach during Summer Holiday Season

Part of Nghe An Province’s cultural and tourism complex, Cua Lo Beach has for a long time been an ideal destination for long vacations. Each year, the beach receives a large number of both domestic and foreign tourists.

We arrived in Cua Lo during the first days of July, the peak tourist season, so we saw many tourist cars going in and out of the area round the clock. During our stay in Cua Lo, a friend advised us to get up early to welcome the sunrise on the beach because it is the most beautiful moment with the harmony of sky and sea and we, who are always curious of and like to discover natural beauty, surely did not miss the chance. The scenery, indeed, fascinated all of us with the image of clusters of brilliantly red clouds around the red sun which was gradually rising from the immense sea. On the seashore, the locals were busy collecting and selling seafood – the fruits of their labour after a night of fishing on the sea.

When the sun was high, we left the beach and took an electric car to go along Binh Minh Avenue which is surrounded by a forest of casuarinas to Lan Chau Island. On the way, we saw many hotels, motels and amusement areas which mushroomed on the two sides of the avenue, making Cua Lo look like a seaside city.

We arrived on Lan Chau Island which is also called Ru Coc because it has the shape of a giant toad looking towards the sea. When the tide rises, the foot of the island is submerged in sea water while the tide goes out, the western part of the island emerges and connects the mainland and the eastern part is cliffs spreading to the sea. Standing on the top of the island, tourists can have a panoramic view of the immense sea and the town of Cua Lo. 

Sunrise on Cua Lo Beach.

Cua Lo Sea with turquoise water and long white sandy beaches is an ideal destination for summer vacations.

Daily life of local fishermen at sunrise. 

Colourful kites flying on Cua Lo Beach.

Playing with waves on Cua Lo Beach at sunrise. 

Tourists can buy fresh seafood from fishing boats on the beach in the early morning.

Tourists visit Lan Chau Island near by Cua Lo Beach.

The wharf on Lan Chau Island where boats take tourists to visit Me Island on Cua Lo Beach.

Locals help grill codfish for tourists at Nghi Thuy Market  long route. 

A variety of delicious seafood, such as codfish, shrimp, crab and cuttlefish
are sold  at Nghi Thuy Seafood Market in Cua Lo.
Not far from Cua Lo is Cua Hoi Beach that still preserves its primitive beauty with a quiet and peaceful landscape, different from the exciting atmosphere in Cua Lo. It is very interesting to take a stroll under the shade of casuarinas whistling in the wind. From here, tourists can see Ngu Island, 4km from the mainland, which acts like a great shield to help Cua Lo sea stay calm all year round. From Cua Hoi, tourists can visit the native land of President Ho Chi Minh in nam Dan, the temple which is dedicated to President Ho Chi Chi Minh’s mother, Hoang Thi Loan, Cui Temple on Ngu Ma Mountain in Nghi Xuan, Ha Tinh that worships Princess Lieu Hanh and Great King Tran Quoc Tuan and Mr.Hoang Muoi.

Leaving Cua Hoi to return to Cua Lo, we called at the seafood market in Nghi Thuy Ward. During the tourism season, the market opens from 6 a.m to late at night. Here, there are various species of seafood, such as codfish, crabs, shrimp, squid and snails for tourists to buy as presents. We really felt excited with the noisy and animated atmosphere in the market, particularly the enthusiasm of local traders who are always ready to help tourists grill fresh seafood over charcoal before packing for easy transport.

With a total coast line of 10km, of which 8.2km is the gentle sloping beach of white sand and with transparent and turquoise sea water, Cua Lo with the beaches of Song Ngu, Lan Chau and Xuan Huong, lures a large number of tourists nationwide during the tourist season. It is wonderful to swim in the cold and clean sea water and enjoy fresh air from the sea. At sunset, tourists can relax right on the beach and enjoy delicious seafood served by the nearby stalls. At that time, Minh Binh Avenue becomes more beautiful with sparkling lights and romantic with couples riding bikes together.

With beautiful beaches and good services together with hospitable locals, Cua Lo is worth being selected a destination for summer holidays.

By VNP’s Golden Moment Photography Club