A life-size 1.75-meter figure of the iconic Japanese comic character, Kamen Rider, greeted guests at the entrance to the wedding venue. Inside, the happy couple, Nguyen Hoai Duc and his bride, Luong Hue Chi, celebrated their nuptials alongside larger-than-life models of Optimus and Bumblebee from the Transformers franchise.

For 27-year-old Duc, a costume designer, and superhero model trader, this unique wedding display held a special meaning. He shared with *Tuoi Tre* (Youth) newspaper that he crafted these models in his workshop as a way to share his passion for superheroes with his guests.

“My family was initially concerned about my unconventional wedding plans and encouraged me to opt for a more traditional celebration,” Duc revealed. “However, they eventually understood and supported my decision.”

The wedding guests were thrilled to pose for photos with the impressive models, and the bride, Chi, felt exhilarated by the unique atmosphere.

Nguyen Hoai Duc and Luong Hue Chi with superhero robots at their wedding in late April 2024. Photo: Supplied

Duc’s love for superheroes runs deep. He even proposed to Chi while wearing a Kamen Rider Ixa costume, and the couple incorporated superhero themes into their pre-wedding photoshoot.

“I’ve always enjoyed watching superhero movies since I was a child,” Duc said. “But it was during a difficult time in my life, when I was hospitalized after an accident, that I truly embraced my love for superheroes. I decided to pursue my passion for costume design and superhero models, and it brought new purpose to my life.”

Duc and Chi’s love story began in 2017 when they met at a local fair. Chi, initially unsure about Duc’s unique hobbies, eventually grew to appreciate and support his passion.

Nguyen Hoai Duc and Luong Hue Chi in superhero costumes for their pre-wedding photo. Photo: Supplied

“The accident in 2022 was a turning point for Duc,” Chi shared. “It pushed him to pursue his passion for superhero models and turn it into a career.”

Their wedding, complete with superhero figures, has captured the imagination of many, with photos and videos of the event going viral.

Luong Hue Chi poses with a superhero figure at their wedding. Photo: Supplied
Superhero figures at the couple’s wedding in Hanoi in late April 2024. Photo: Supplied