City House Café

City House Café in Ho Chi Minh City is now known as a rendezvous for those who love western architecture with ancient and luxury buildings on romantic and beautiful streets.

Located in an area of about 2,000m2, the café seems to be completely separated from the outside world.The café precinct was designed with architectures which look like those on famous streets in some European countries. It consists of nine small areas and streets which were named after different flowers. Each area has its own beauty and distinctive features, satisfying customers’ tastes. For example, the Tigon looks luxurious with its architecture and bright colours while the Rose looks romantic with moss-covered doors, high chimneys, old brick walls and an ancient pyramid tower. The Tulip is rather quiet and is near the bustling Lavender which is brilliant with light. At the weekend, Violet and Baby streets are decorated with balloons, flowers and candles, making it more sparkling.

City House Café is designed in a western architectural style.

Seen from above, the café looks like a valley with trees and small lakes.

Mimosa is an area which is full of flowers.

The inner decorations of the City House Café.

A private space in the café.

The Salem where classical western paintings are displayed gives customers a peaceful feeling.

A windmill in a corner of the City House Café.

Pigeon cages are seen in the café.

Bikes are decorated with baskets of flowers.

Taking photos in the beautiful space of the café.
The upper floor of the café is airy and spacious and shaded by trees. From here, one can have a panoramic view of the whole area and City House Café looks like a valley full of vitality with green grass carpets, murmuring sounds of small streams and diverse flowers, such as tulips, lys and orchids in blossom. It has a space, called “Castle of Love” for couples.In the evening, the City House Café looks more sparkling and splendid with lights.

Put into operation in early 2014, the City House Café has become a very popular destination, attracting a large number of customers. 

Story: Son Nghia – Photos: Nguyen Luan