Exploring the Stunning Beauty of Sam Son’s Landscapes

Endowed by nature with long white sandy beaches, turquoise water of a reasonable salty percentage, which is very good for your health, and a system of temples and pagodas on Truong Le Mountain closely attached to the spiritual culture of fishermen, Sam Son Tourist  Site in Thanh Hoa Province has now become one of Vietnam’s most popular destinations for tourists.


Sam Son – A Romantic Beach

Sam Son is a picturesque coastal destination in Vietnam with a 6km coastline stretching from the Lach Hoi Sea-mouth to the base of Truong Le Mountain. Its gentle sloping beaches and powerful waves create the perfect setting for an unforgettable summer getaway.

During the French colonial period, Sam Son earned recognition as a sought-after vacation spot in Indochina. The area was adorned with elegant resort villas, including the residence of Bao Dai, the final monarch of the Nguyen Dynasty.

In recent years, the local authorities have made significant investments in infrastructure development, totaling hundreds of billions of dong. Many enterprises and individuals have also contributed to the restoration, enhancement, and construction of resorts and hotels, preparing for the expected surge in tourist arrivals this summer.

A corner of Beach B in Sam Son Tourist Area seen from a fly cam. Photo: Hoang Ha

Witness the beauty of the sunrise on Sam Son Beach. Photo: Duc Hanh

Playing in the waves on Sam Son Beach at sunrise. Photo: Cong Dat
Rescue boats of the sea emergency team ensuring the safety of tourists. Photo: Cong Dat
Weathercocks beautifying the beach in Sam Son. Photo: Cong Dat

Tourists can take photos on the beach. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

Flying kites in the afternoon sunshine on the beach of Sam Son. Photo: Trong Chinh

Rocks in different sizes and shapes in Vung Tien at the foot of Dau Voi Mountain attract a large number of tourists. Photo: Trong Chinh

The beauty of Sam Son Beach at sunset. Photo: Cong Dat

Experience the tranquility of Sam Son Beach as the sun sets. Photo: Cong Dat

This summer, Sam Son showcases a new and captivating look, attracting a significant number of tourists from all over the country.
In the photo: the coastal road of Ho Xuan Huong has been expanded, now twice its original size. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

Sam Son has received record-breaking investment capital from the provincial budget, amounting to hundreds of billions of dong, for infrastructure improvements. Various enterprises and individuals have also contributed by investing in the renovation, restoration, and construction of hotels to cater to tourists. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

Sam Son is a captivating destination that entices visitors throughout the day. At sunrise, the breathtaking vistas created by the interplay of sunlight, transitioning from gentle hues to vibrant shades, envelop the sea. In the afternoon, the beach comes alive with tourists flocking to its 6km shoreline. Colorful weathercocks and intricate sand castles adorn the beach, while kites soar through the sky, adding a touch of whimsy.

Experience the delightful ambiance, engage in thrilling activities, and indulge in refreshing swims in the tranquil sea. It is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in an exhilarating getaway complete with thrilling waves to frolic in.

A Destination for Spiritual Tourism

Exploring the Thanh area, visitors can visit the esteemed Vong Phu Mountain, which holds a significant place in local folklore. The mountain is associated with a legendary tale of a devoted woman who awaits her husband’s return from the sea. Over time, she transforms into a stone, blessing the Truong Le Mountain Range with unique beauty. The mountain range is adorned with temples, pagodas, and relics that offer insights into the religious and spiritual culture of the local fishermen. Among these precious relics is the hallowed Doc Cuoc Temple, dedicated to a brave man who protected the community.

Since the early morning, the parade of seven villages in five communes and wards in Sam Son Town gathers at Doc Cuoc Temple’s yard on the festival of Day and Chung cakes. Photo: Trong Chinh

The parades of villages to Doc Cuoc Temple on Truong Le Mountain. Photo: Hoang Ha

The palanquin procession of villages on streets in Sam Son. Photo: Trong Chinh

Rites being offered in the yard of Doc Cuoc Temple. Photo: Hoang Ha

The magnificent Doc Cuoc Temple, where Doc Cuoc Genie and Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh are worshiped, stands on Truong Le Mountain. Doc Cuoc Temple is a popular destination for tourists visiting Sam Son. In the photo: The statue of Doc Cuoc Genie is placed at the central hall. Photo: Hoang Ha

Banh Day and Banh Chung, round and square sticky rice cakes, are offered at Doc Cuoc Temple. Photo: Hoang Ha

Co Tien Temple on Dau Voi Mountain, part of the Truong Le Mountain Range, is an ancient temple dating back to the Ly Dynasty. Various deities are worshiped here, including Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh. Co Tien Temple is a popular destination for tourists visiting Sam Son. In the photo: Co Tien Temple on Truong Le Mountain. Photo: Hoang Ha

The Banh Day-Banh Chung Festival takes place from June 18-19 (May 14-15 of the lunar calendar) at Lach Hoi Fishing Wharf, Quang Tien Ward. The festival includes various rituals, such as palanquin processions and offerings. Photo: Trong Chinh

Village elders dressed in festival costumes can be seen in the procession. Photo: Trong Chinh

A tourist from Hoang Mai District, Hanoi actively taking part in the procession and offering rituals at Doc Cuoc Temple during the festival day. Photo taken by Trong Chinh.

Sam Son is home to five temples recognized as national relics: Doc Cuoc, Co Tien, To Hien Thanh, De Linh, and Ca Lap.

Every year, the residents of Sam Son celebrate the festival of Day Cake and Chung Cake, which is held on May 11-13 according to the lunar calendar. The festival, a prayer to the Doc Cuoc Genie, has become a significant spiritual attraction for visitors in addition to being a highlight of the tourist season.

Located on the picturesque route of the Truong Le Mountain Range, visitors can explore Trong-Mai Mountain, Co Tien Temple, and To Hien Thanh Temple. These locations offer magnificent stone formations and refreshing sea breezes.

Exploring the Sea with Bamboo Rafts

In March 1993, explorer Tim Severin embarked on a journey to Sam Son to gain expertise in rafting. Collaborating with locals, they crafted a grand raft to traverse the Pacific Ocean. Since then, Sam Son’s raft-making skill has gained global recognition and is practiced by the community. Crafting a raft involves selecting pristine Luong and Buong trees from Thanh and weaving them together meticulously using rattan threads.

Fishermen prepare for their trip to the sea. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

The fishing wharf becomes bustling at 5am. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

Fishermen prepare their bamboo rafts for the sea. Photo: Hoang Ha

Local fishermen use bamboo rafts to catch seafood. They have mastered the art of constructing these rafts using fresh Buong trees and rattan. Photo: Trong Chinh

This is a photo of a boat wharf in a fishing village. Photo: Hoang Ha.

Boats at the conclusion of trips. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

Tourists have an interest in observing the daily activities of the locals. Photo: Trong Chinh

Visitors to this coastal city will not only enjoy a memorable vacation but also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture and spirituality.

By Vietnam Pictorial’s Golden Moment Photography Club