The Vernissage market offers a wide variety of souvenirs and crafts from different regions in Russia. On display includes Matryoshka traditional wooden dolls, Fabergé eggs, and Pavlovo Posad shawls.

Visitors to the market can not only shop for souvenirs to remind them of their trip to Russia but also join cultural events and festivals at the weekend.

Visitors walking in the tranquil atmosphere of the market.

Visitors flock to the market on the first days of the New Year.

A small wooden bridge linking the Izmaylovo Kremlin centre and the Vernissage market.

Stalls set up at the market resemble a maze.

The market gets crowded every weekend.

It is a favourite place of the elders as they can buy old books, posters, objects from the former USSR, Russian hats with ear flaps, and Soviet medals which remind them of the olden days.

Each object on sale at the market boasts an interesting story. It is not only an antique but also historical evidence connecting the past and present.