Unique forging craft of Mong ethnic people

NDO – With the cultivation practices in mountainous areas, Mong ethnic people have developed their unique forging craft.


Their forged products, including knives, axes, spades, hoes and spare parts, have become famous handicrafts both at home and abroad.

When they receive orders, they pause their farming jobs to pay attention to forging. Similar to many other ethnic minorities, Mong blacksmiths use charcoal to burn the smithy and use bellows to blow fire. In addition, the other main tools are anvils, hammers and pliers. Agricultural implements were forged from fine iron, so they are very durable.

The stages, including cutting iron, pulling the bellow, hammering and making the handle, are implemented manually.

The forged knife handle should be plastic and not brittle.

The bellow is akin to a giant horizontal bicycle pump, pushing wind to keep the fire burning evenly.

Forged products by Mong ethnic people are famous for their durability and sharpness. (Photo: Japanese visitors test the sharpness of the knifes by cutting sheets of paper.)