New life after the war

NDO – Thuan Thanh wounded soldiers’ nursing centre in Ninh Xa commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province, is currently taking care of and providing rehabilitation for 98 war invalids and wounded soldiers who come from many locales across the country.


In addition to the permanent medical staff at the centre, there are many doctors from neighbouring localities volunteering to come here to provide examination and treatment for former wounded soldiers every week.

Many of them have spinal injuries and, being half-paralysed, have to move by wheelchair after returning from the wars.

At the Thuan Thanh centre, the lives of the war invalids and wounded soldiers are simple but always full of love and warmth.

It seems that all the pain and loss of the wars has fallen into the past. Now with the wounded soldiers, only the joy of their simple life and the warmth of being cared for prevails.

Each former soldier lives in separate room with their relatives at the centre. Most of their daily activities are carried out by themselves.

Simple but warm meals with relatives.

The familiar images are set at important corners in their room.

A moment of leisurely watching a favourite show on TV.

Thanks to the devoted care by the centre’s medical staff, most of the wounded soldiers have stabilised their wounds and gradually recovered their health. Many of them can also find joy from extra work, such as electronics repair, writing poetry or collaborating with newspapers.

The former soldiers in the new situation still remember Uncle Ho’s saying “war invalids are disabled, but not useless” to continue to overcome difficulties to set examples for their descendants and the society.