At the meeting of the city’s Steering Committee for the prevention and control of the pandemic on the afternoon of February 17, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hanoi Chu Xuan Dung agreed with the recommendations of the health sector on expanding testing for all people who came from Hai Duong between February 2 and 16.

Many returnees from Hai Duong visited the Medical Centre of Tay Ho District on the afternoon of February 18 to provide samples for COVID-19 testing.

All are required to fill in medical declarations, wear masks and line up according to regulations on safe spacing.

According to the Medical Centre of Tay Ho District, they conducted a review in the whole district and required all relevant people to perform self-quarantine at their home. Only when there is an order to gather at the medical centre for the tests can they leave their home.

Those who come to take the tests must have their temperature measured and wash their hands.

The competent forces record information and travel history of people involved or leaving Hai Duong from 0:00 on February 2 – 16.

Their throat fluids are taken for testing.

Those who are suspected of COVID-19 virus will be immediately transferred to the quarantine area.

As more people come to queue up for testing in the afternoon, the functional forces have to ask everyone to line up as regulated.

There are also many foreigners coming to give samples for testing.

Those who have their samples taken are asked to go home immediately and keep in isolation at home until their results are available.

Those who have any symptoms of COVID-19 will be retained and they can call their family members to bring them personal belongings to take to concentrated quarantine facilities.

According to a representative from Tay Ho District, more than 500 people gave samples for testing and the district will continue to review its residents to take samples of related people.