According to the leaders of the two units, to ensure the dual goal of pandemic fight and business production, the Sin Quyen copper complex has applied technical and management solutions to exploit more than 2.2 million tonnes of crude ore, refining more than 68,000 tonnes of copper concentrates (25% purity copper) to provide to the Tang Loong copper smelting factory.

The copper production complex in Lao Cai is the largest of its kind in Vietnam and the only one in Southeast Asia that extracts, refines and intensively processes ores into copper metal on the spot with a large output. This complex ensures jobs for more than 1,500 workers, with an average monthly income of more than VND10 million, contributing over VND600 billion (US$25.9 million) to the State budget.

Miners conduct drilling to exploit ore.

Taking copper ore from deep underground.

Copper ore is brought to the surface on wagons.

The ore is transported to the sorting factory and put into the fine grinding mill.

The grinded mixture is then sorted by flotation, followed with ore enrichment.

Copper concentrates (25% purity) are put into warehouses to provide to the copper smelting plant.

Concentrates are melted in a furnace.

They are then molded into each anode plate and put into the electrolysis tank to produce copper cathodes.

Copper cathodes are removed from the electrolysis tank.

They are cleaned before packaging.

Workers pack the copper metal (99.95% purity) into blocks with a weight of one tonne each.

They are then put into storage.

The KCS department checks the products for the last time.

Copper products are being loaded to be sold to customers.

The Lao Cai copper smelting factory is the only factory producing copper metal from ore mined on the spot in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.