>>> 41st General Assembly of ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly opens

With meaningful and colourful performances, the show highlighted the solidarity, friendship, cooperation, cohesion and determination for mutual action among ASEAN member states.

The special art show began with a chapter featuring performances imbued with the traditional culture of Vietnam – the host country for this year’s General Assembly of the AIPA as AIPA chair.

Vietnamese top leaders and heads of delegations attending the AIPA 41.

Delegates were introduced to Vietnamese UNESCO-recognised intangible cultural heritages, as well as enjoying dances, repertoires and unique musical instrument performances from the 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups. All form a traditional, strongly integrated and adaptive Vietnamese space.

The second part of the art show praised AIPA, ASEAN and their companionship in the journey of bringing together the spiritual and intellectual strength of the peoples of Southeast Asia, adapting to all circumstances, integrating globally in harmony, peace, friendship, solidarity and prosperity.

The last chapter featured famous performances from ASEAN member state countries, demonstrating the unique identity of each country while reflecting similarities and familiarity within ASEAN.

The ASEAN cultural features converge at AIPA 41, expressing the cohesion and integration of ASEAN in the flow of human civilisation.

A special performance highlighting all the ASEAN member states’ music and culture.

The "AIPA Song" performance wrapped up the art show, reflecting the trust that the ASEAN people put in AIPA regarding their future journey together in ASEAN friendship.

The "AIPA Song" choral performance closes the colourful art show.