When the lake dries up and the water stream narrows, the locals let ducks out to eat the green algae on the lake surface.

The fishing boats on Tri An Lake are anchored in the Ben Nom area, creating a poetic scene.

It is easier for fishermen to catch fish during dry season.

During the time the water dries up there are only several small puddles, fishermen just need to walk on the lake to catch fish.

The lake’s bottom creates a green pasture where cattle can come to find food.

Cattle go to the remaining deep pools in Ben Nom to drink and soak themselves in the cool water.

According to local people, the round marks are bomb craters, a vestige left by the wars of the past.

Dawn in Ben Nom in dry season.

Sunset in Ben Nom.

Ben Nom’s arid spots are full of stains due to environmental pollution.

Ben Nom has an amazing beauty during the dry season.