This event represents the 10th time that the competition was held as part of an annual national festival to honor the Hung Kings, who are believed to be the founders of the Vietnamese nation.

Each participating team is required to make 10 Banh Chung from five kg of sticky rice, one kg of green beans, and one kg of pork.

The contest aims to reenact the traditional ritual of presenting offerings to ancestors, dating back to the times of the Hung Kings.

The teams are also required to make 10 Banh Giay from five kg of sticky rice in just 45 minutes.

The contestants pound the sticky rice to make Banh Giay.

Upon completion, the contestants must display their cakes for judgment. The two winning teams are selected to offer the cakes to the Hung Kings. (Photo:

The commemoration of the Hung Kings is a national holiday that takes place annually on the 10th day of the third lunar month, which falls on April 18 this year.