Binh Duong’s 200-year-old pottery-making craft has been officially recognized as an intangible part of national cultural heritage. Despite challenging times, dozens of local households continue to preserve this ancient craft.

The workshop is bustling with activity ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday, which falls on February 10 this year. Thousands of dragon-shaped items are being produced every day.

Most of the raw clay products are transported to other workshops in Binh Duong for painting and decoration.

Dragon-shaped pottery products are the top choice for customers this year.

Unicorns, lions, and dragons are believed to symbolize happiness and prosperity, bringing good luck for the new year.

Some products are designed as money boxes for children.

Clay products are meticulously decorated before being delivered. Craftsmen prefer to use powder paint due to its durability and fast drying capability. The products are typically coated with a layer of gold glitter.

According to workshop owners, these products are mainly marketed in southern and central Vietnam, as well as in Laos and Cambodia.